Century Group, founded in 2013, is the largest company operating residential real estate and accommodation in Budapest. Vagabond Hotels, the organization’s flagship, is a key player in the Budapest accommodation market. We provide homeowners with investment advice and a wide range of property management services.

Since its establishment, Vagabond Hotels has been steadily, dynamically expanding and growing, which is among other things due to the outstanding quality of the accommodation we operate, the efficient organization skills, and the use of the most advanced IT technologies.


Vagabond Hotels currently operates more than 200 room units in 7 buildings. Our team of dedicated professionals, with several years of industry knowledge, is one of the greatest values of our company. As a result of their work, our guests can enjoy an exceptional hotel experience.


Our company is continually looking for new properties, which with the development and operation of we can further expand the range of our outstanding quality real estate portfolio in Budapest while providing a high return for the owners.


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